23 August 2008

Getting Ready for A Job Interview

Interviews are conducted by companies to get a general overview of the candidates who applied for the vacancies advertised by them. Interviews can help the companies to choose the best candidates for the jobs. Candidates have to bear in mind that an interview is important as this is where the first impression is made.

The first thing you need to do when you receive a letter or telephone call to attend an interview is to find out more about the company. With the advance of technology, and broadband internet connection, the web is almost a free directory for all the companies. It is just an easy task to do a simple research of the company. Do not make a fool of yourself by asking the interviewer about the company. This will flaw the good impression the interviewer has for you.

Next, prepare your resume. Imagine yourself as an interviewer. Think of all the questions an interviewer will ask. If it is an executive position, make sure you list your previous relevant executive experience, include some management experience too (if you have). If you have good references, you can also list them down. Ensure you still have good relationships with your references. That is why it is always good not to burn bridges when you decide to resign from previous jobs.

However, if you are a new entrée, and the company is taking in some management trainees, just make sure you have some good references ready. Experience is not really important in this case as the company may contact your references for more information. Do not feel ill at ease if you have nothing to offer. Your academic result may be a great help too. If you did well in your co-curricular activities, that may also be an excellent testimonial. Some companies accept sport-persons to help them in their annual sports events.

Now it is time to compose your resume and cover letter. Use only plain white A4 papers and not perfumed or colored papers. Make sure your resume is not longer than two pages. Use ‘Times New Roman’ with a 12-point-type font. You may use other fonts as long as they can be read easily. Check your grammar and spellings. Then, print out your resume and cover letter using a good printer. Make two copies so that you can keep one as reference.

Get ready the outfit you want to wear to the interview. The outfit must suit the occasion. For any executive position, it is good to wear dark suits (ladies) or a pair of dark trousers, pastel colored long-sleeve shirt and a dark colored necktie (men). Do not wear any gold adornments. You may not get any extra marks but if you must, then be discreet. Remember to wear a comfortable pair of shoes. You may need to wait for a few hours, so it is good to be comfortable.

Be at the venue at least half an hour before the actual time. If the interview takes place outside your town, be there a day earlier or at least an hour earlier. Doing so will make you feel less stressful. You will also be able to take note of the company during working hours. Do not put a bored look on your face while waiting for your turn. Put on a smile instead. Everything will be all right.

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