01 March 2009

Approaching Office Politics Appropriately (3)

Make an effort to attend formal functions

Large organizations like to organize functions for their employees or charity purposes. Make an effort to attend some of these functions, if not all. There is no use making up excuses as you will be found out later.

Do not raise conspicuous in your absence. People like to make guesses about those who are not around in any formal function. To the extreme, you will be branded as a ‘lone ranger’ or a ‘non team player’. This will hinder your career in future.

The best way is to attend the functions. Show your face to some very important people, shake some hands, say ‘hello’ to some office politicians and then make an early exit! It will be better if you can manage to get yourself photographed with some important people or co-workers (a proof to show your presence).

Develop good rapport with co-workers

Co-workers are important in a working environment. You will be able to learn many things from them. Co-workers are also the ones that will back you up whenever you face problems.

That is why you need to establish good rapport with your co-workers. No matter where you work, showing respect to them. You do not have to ‘butter’ them with anything. Just a friendly smile and greeting in the morning will do.

Treat everyone respectfully. Keep a smile on your face even though you are busy. Do not allow office politicians to have the chance to ruin your relationship with your co-workers.

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