17 September 2008

Justify Why You Should Be Hired

Many years ago, applicants being called for interviews were ascertain of jobs. However, that is not so today. There are more candidates compared to job vacancies in any company. Some are fresh graduates; some are looking for better opportunities while others are unemployed and so on.

In today’s job market, you have to compete against so many candidates for a job. You may have to face the fact there may not be a chance to get the interview at all! So, you have to work hard to earn each and every job offer that comes your way. You may even have to convince that potential employer to create a new position just for you.

Yes, it is possible.

Every interviewer who interviews you must be convinced why you should be hired. They must know the benefits you will bring to the company. Every company hires for a business reason. Hiring managers want only people who can help to solve their problems as well as getting a large return on their investment.

Before you decide to write your cover letter or resume, try to predict the most important criteria to your potential employers. You can also use them in any job interview you attend. Some of the important questions arise at this point will be:

- How can I contribute to the department/section/company?

- How much training do I require before I can handle this position?

- What can I do to solve the business problem of this company?

- What kind of return can I provide to this company?

- Can I generate more than just the expected results?

- How can I gain trust from my co-workers?

- How much salary do I ask for the position?

- Do I have the personality to fit into the culture of the potential company?

- Am I really qualified for this job? (Check your education level and experiences)

And then, there is one secret you should know. Every interviewer wants to look good by hiring YOU! They have their own interest to look into first. Nobody wants to be blamed for hiring the wrong candidate and causes loss to the company.

Knowing these criteria helps you to position yourself. Never show your

desperation to get that job (even though you really are!). Instead, be confident and always convey an aura that there are other companies interested in you. When the hiring managers think other companies are courting you, they will act much quicker.

One of the ways to justify getting hired is to create your own business case. It does not have to be a complicated case. If you are a fresh graduate, this will demonstrate how you help to solve the business problem of the company. If you have a few years of experience, quantify the value of your experience. You can express how much return of investment the company will get by hiring you.

Show your potential companies :

· How you can solve their business problems or needs

· How you can make an immediate contribution to the company

· Why hiring you is the only option they have

· The kind of ROI (Return of (Investment) you can provide

· How you will make the hiring managers look good.

So, you are unable to quantify your contribution in monetary terms. That is all right. ROI is an intangible asset. Not everyone has the ability to do so. There are many other ways you can justify yourself. Focus on things like efficiency, organization, network, uptime, response times as well as morale.

Now, make that happen for yourself!

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