28 September 2008

Who? Me? A Failure?

This is real, be serious. In every task you are assigned, remember that people expect you to fail. You may not think that way, but it is true. Behind that sweet smile, behind that 'I can count on you' look, there is the 'you are a failure' thought.

Well, it is up to you to form your own self concept. You set your own ceilings.
When you think you are a failure, you will fail. No matter how much effort you have put in the task.

The task here is, can you readjust your self image again? You still many choices because life is about options. Being alive is an option. Expecting failure is another option. Since you can choose to fail, you can easily choose to succeed too.

When you have failed (because you have expected it, remember), do not go around and repeat this phrase "Who? Me? A Failure?"
Yes, you are because you wanted and begged for it.

Your self concept is low and you expect only failures.
Being humble is good. But, being too humble is a waste of your living effort!

So, recompose your self concept again..... No ceiling is too high but any ceiling can be too low!

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