12 February 2009

Approaching Office Politics Appropriately - (1)

Office politics is not something one can ignore easily especially when there are more than two people working together in an organization. You may scorn at those who use office politics to be successful; yet, the very same game can help to promote to your own cause.

Many bosses like to be buttered up by his/her subordinates (Many, not all). That is why some office politicians are quite successful in their ‘careers’; whether you like it or not.

Skillful office politicians rise faster in their career than real politicians.

Observe the basics of office politics

The first and basic of office politics is when your co-workers grouped together to flatter the boss. They want to get on the good side of the boss so they will agree with whatever the boss says.

Do not get involve with these co-workers before you know what they are up to. A newbie in office politics must observe quietly. You will be able to learn who’s who and who has the last say. It is very interesting!

Do not choose sides openly. Even if your friends are involved actively, be reminded not to join them; at least, not openly.

Socialize with your co-workers

This is the way to get along with your co-workers. Let them know that you have no intention of joining them in their office games but you are willing to socialize with them. Join them for lunches and tea breaks when you are invited to.

Avoid talking about work during social outings. Some people just do not know how to relax. Be polite and courteous to everyone. Be tactful; but with enough diplomacy to avoid alienating them.

You may need to distinguish the invites by some co-workers are just being friendly instead of playing office politics. Do not upset them by being suspicious of their good intentions. That is why quiet observation works best to know who’s who in an office!

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