12 February 2009

Approaching Office Politics Appropriately (2)

Be wary of tactics used by office politicians

Office politicians are always full of ideas to promote themselves; even if it means sacrificing others. You just cannot ignore them. You just have to be careful at all times.

Be aware of your work relationships in any office politic game. You will find that certain people have ‘double faces’. They will not mind betraying others to get what they want; be it a little attention or the coming ‘important’ projects.

What are some of the tactics office politicians used? Some of the certain tactics are very clear while some are hidden. There will be office gossiping, backstabbing, buck-passing, buttering up the boss, trouble-making, etc.

The hidden ones will be sending and forwarding chained ‘poison’ mails to co-workers and bosses, sending faxes, short messaging and etc to degrade someone in the organization.

There is no way to outplay office politicians; they are there long before you join the organization. Just take care of yourself!

Never criticize co-workers’ work openly

Criticizing a co-worker’s work openly is like sentencing yourself to an isolated island for life! You will be boycotted by other co-workers who are friends with this co-worker. Unless you can manage your projects without any help, otherwise, do not open your mouth at all.

Always be pleasant even when you receive poor grade works from your co-workers. Tell them to redo the work tactfully. Praise them if you need to but do not over do it.

Praising openly is better than criticizing. However, you will never know who is listening. The best way is to be as pleasant as you can and always go to work with an open attitude.

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