05 October 2008

Write Your Resume Well

There are many inquiries about writing resumes. It is not easy to write a good but easy to understand resume. However, always try and write a simple resume without many spelling errors.

Your resume is representing 'you'. If there are many errors in your resume, nobody bothers to read it. If so, who will know that you are the ideal candidate for the opportunity?

If you are poor in English Language, then get someone to write it for you. However, make sure the resume is personalized to your qualification and experience.

What to take note when writing or planning to write your resume:

1. Do not exaggerate about your projects and experience with former organizations
- To save yourself from being rejected for being 'too smart for us'.
- Suppose your ex-colleague happened to be the hiring manager, you will be embarrassed for such exaggeration!

2. If possible write a sum for Expected salary but in brackets add in 'Negotiable'
- Organizations know what price they should pay for certain positions. When your asking price is too, you might be overlooked. If too low, they would think you are not serious.

3. Do not name any of your reference.
- This is not an important part of your resume. If you are qualified for the opportunity, you will be offered a job, regardless of your references. Although many reference books have this part, you can ignore it. Do not be miserable just because you do not have a good reference.

4. Do not expose too much of your personal life in your resume
- A resume represents your professional self. You should be detailing about your experience and qualifications and not anything else.

5. Be as truthful as you can
- All right, you cannot get rid of your exaggerating nature. So, be as near the truth as possible. This is so that when you attend the interview, you will at least know what to answer.

6. Write or print your resume on a piece of clean A4 size paper.
- Again, it is professional. You are not writing any love letters, so be it!

7. Ask for help to edit your resume
- As a writer, you may not realize the errors you have made. Your reader would do that easily. If you want to ace that opportunity, get someone to edit it now!

There are many other points you should take note. However, these are the ones you can do for this time!


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