09 October 2008

Command Attention With A Dynamic Cover Letter

You may receive better job opportunities from time to time. Then it will be time to edit or change your resume. Yes, it is a tedious job. There are so many elements you need to change and add.

This is where your cover letter comes in handy. Covers letters are actually an excellent means to customize your message for each opportunity. You just have to change some wording of the first cover letter to suit the new opportunity. This is easier than rewriting the whole resume again.

The resume is an overview of who you are, but a cover letter is the answer to every hiring manager’s question – ‘Why should I hire you?’ It enlightens them why you are the best and suitable candidate for the job. Just make sure your cover letter is interesting!

How do you compose a dynamite cover letter?

A good and compelling cover letter should be

· Concise

Short and to the point. This is not a history paper. It is an advertisement and you must appear impressive to grab the attention of any hiring manager.

· Confident

You must sound confident when you present yourself for the opportunity. Use a positive tone to convey to them that you are the ‘right’ candidate. However, do not be over-confident as that will lead you nowhere. Write what you need to write and no more.

· Customized

A cover letter should be easily customized for each different opportunity. Your cover letter should be able to represent you as the ideal candidate for the opportunity. Include in the letter what you can say about your career that is relevant to the opportunity at the moment.

· Creative

Think about your key selling points and how they can help to benefit the company. Mention the qualities or achievements that you have that will certainly differentiate you from other applicants. Make your cover letter unique so that you get the interview.

· Clear

Your cover letter must be clear and drive to the point. No beating round the bush. The hiring manager does not have much time to play guess. Your objective here is to get an interview, in that case, let your cover letter says so. Be very clear that you expect an interview because you are the ‘best and most suitable’ candidate.

A good cover letter is one written with the opportunity in mind. Make sure you did some background research of the company and the opportunity before you write the cover letter. State how you will succeed in the targeted position. Grab the attention of the readers by providing some insight to your personal achievements and experience.

There many books written with examples of good cover letters. Learn the art and master it. You will not fret and complain the next time you need to write a resume and cover letter again!



Joey said...

Great! 5c's tip for bright future. I'll apply it for myself and for others. Thanks for good info.

Admin said...

great Tips