16 October 2008

Slip-ups That Cost A Job Opportunity

Attending interviews means opportunities. Everyone with the thought of getting a job loves the chance of attending an interview with the top personnel of the company. This is the time the candidate can really 'advertise' himself.

However, there are times candidates make blunders or slips ups. Worst of all, they make one mistake after another just when the hiring company is about to offer them that ‘dream’ opportunity!

Listed here are some of the common blunders:

- Did not attend the interview without any apologies

- Did not bring copies of original documents

- Did not greet the interviewers

- Avoid eye contacts with the interviewers

- Wore the wrong outfit

- Brought along a newspaper into the interview room

- Brag and exaggerate about past experience

- Criticize former bosses and companies

- Chew gums or sweets during the interview

- Gave away secrets of former company

- Avoid questions concerning past company/experience

- Interested only in the benefits of the job and demanded for more

- Discloses the person(s) they knew in the company

- Busy asking own questions during the interview

- Loud ringing mobile phone interrupts the interview

- Demand expected salary instead of negotiate

If you look at the list again, you will find that most of the slip-ons happen because candidates have an attitude – ‘over confidence’. If you are a fresh graduate, be reminded that being called to attend an interview does not mean your chance of securing the job has increased. That may be true ten or twenty years ago, but not today.

If you make some of the slip-ups in an interview, remember not to repeat them again in the next one. You can see how much damage one simple slip-up done to your image and reputation.

Be careful and remember that you may be blacklisted easily. Some interviewers are nice and they do not really bother what you did wrong as long as you are honest. Some examine you closely and would be glad to see you making mistakes.

What can you do to overcome these slip-ups?

- List down all you need to bring to an interview.

- Get ready the outfit you want to wear to the interview earlier.

- Practice answering questions (rehearse the interview in your mind).

- Practice smiling in front of a mirror.

Actually nobody knows what is going to happen during an interview. Just do the best you can. If you do not hear any news from one organization, there are still other organizations waiting. You will have many chances not to repeat the slip-ups in the next interviews.


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